A Day in the Life: May 2017

Remember how I said I’d be posting for each day in Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Week? And then remember how, immediately afterwards, I didn’t do that? Yeah, me too. I’m the worst, I admit it. Honestly, it’s taking up everything I have just to keep up with uni at the moment with exhaustion kicking in – as you’ll see by the end of this post. I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a day in the life post for quite some time, but always forgot until halfway through the day – until now (or, er, Thursday, which is when this post was originally drafted). So here’s what a fairly typical day looks like for me…

06:47: Thursday morning. I wake up with the words to Natasha Bedingfield’s ’These Words’ rolling around in my head. Not the worst possible start to a morning, but I’m left wondering how they got there. According to my sleep app, I’ve managed to snag 7 hours and 6 minutes of sleep. Not bad at all. Time for another few minutes before my alarm goes off…

06.56: Yeah, no, never mind. I’m a little bit too chilly and my colon is a little bit too full. Time to get up. Feel grumpy about the fact that sunrise isn’t for another 40 minutes.

07.04: I thought my tiny windowless en-suite would be a little bit warmer than my room. I was wrong. Shivering while trying to relieve oneself is not fun.

07.19: Still on the toilet. I have stopped shivering, though, so that’s a plus point.

07.35: Finally finished on the toilet (yes, it does take a whole half an hour!). Now it’s time to clean my teeth and then – the part I’m really looking forward to – a searing hot, environmentally irresponsible shower. The best way to start the day.

08.03: I wish I could have stayed in there forever.

08.09: Skincare routine time! Tedious, but necessary. I need so much moisturiser in winter it’s unreal.

08.44: No, it didn’t take me half an hour to apply moisturiser – but I got distracted by making breakfast. I’m now eating said breakfast so all is well. 3 slices of toast, because it’s going to be a looong day.

09.03: Right, I’m supposed to have a lab at 10, so I’d better get a move on. I tidy up (quickly), pull my shoes and a coat on and set off. Somehow I’m simultaneously freezing and sweating with the exertion of walking so quickly. ???

09.55: Just been to talk to the leader of today’s lab. She basically told me to go home, since I’m immunosuppressed and we’re working with E. coli. Kind of disappointed, but not really, because labs always stress me out and I don’t need that right now! Back to my flat, I guess.

10.14: I made it back home! Secretly, (or not so secretly) I’m glad to not be able to do the 3-hour lab because I’ve got some time to work on my other assignments. Also glad to be sitting down, because I’ve developed a weird stitch-like pain in my lower left quadrant that bugged me all the way home. I’m hoping it’s just a pulled muscle, but I know I have adhesions in that area. Could they be linked? A weird thought, but it doesn’t seem impossible.

10.34: Pint of tea made, weird pain vanished (at least for now), stress BANISHED from head (temporarily)… it’s time to get my work on!!

12.08: Need to poop again. Annoyed, because it’s interrupting my flow. I was in the zone, getting loads of work done, and now this. This always happens. Off I go.

12.50: Shower time. I really need a bidet so I don’t have to do this every time I poop. I’m still cold, though, so I’m going to savour this.


13.10: The fire alarm is going off! It went off last night and also Sunday – I live in a block of pyromaniacs! Quick scramble to get some clothes on and out the door to stand in the freezing cold. Times like this I’m very grateful to live on the ground floor.

13.17: Security turn up and shut off the alarm. My dressing gown is wonderful but is poor armour against the 3°C temperature and biting wind, especially when not exactly fully dressed. Luckily, it’s not uncommon for at least three people to be swathed in dressing gowns after the fire alarm goes off – some still sleeping the night off, some just napping, some just cosy. I didn’t look at all out of place! Now to get dressed properly…

13.22: I need to lie down, after that ordeal. I haven’t eaten in a while and my guts are still reshuffling after the recent… evacuation, not to mention the stress from the fire alarm while in the shower. I need some time to recover. But first I get the butter out of my mini-fridge to soften, because small acts of efficiency like that are the only way I manage to get anything done.

14.22: Lunch made and eaten! Now it’s time to pack up again and head out for a couple of lectures. I’m not looking forward to venturing out into that cold again, though…

16.08: One lecture down and another in 50 minutes. It’s freezing outside and dark already, but at least it’s wonderfully warm in this building. There’s a Double Decker in my bag, in case I get hangry (but it’s really more sadness than anger… hanxious? Hanguished? Okay, I’ll stop) but I don’t think I need it right now. Time for some catching up on a lecture I missed the other day while I had a migraine!

17.01: Second lecture about to begin. Gut starting to protest and I’m feeling antsy about being away from a toilet. Only an hour until I’m home. Only an hour until I’m home. Only an hour until I’m home. I’m praying I can hold out that long.

17.53: Finally – I’m done for the day!! Time to walk home in the freezing cold.

18.02: Made it indoors. Gut wobbles have vanished now that I’m safe in my own room (and near my own blessed toilet). That’s pretty typical, if slightly paradoxical, but it makes sense considering that the closer I am to my own toilet, the less stressed I’ll be, so the calmer my intestines will be. Time for a lie-down for a little bit…

18.34: Played some Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp while tucked up in bed. This is the problem with having my entire life (mostly) confined to this one room: the bed is the centre of all my relaxation, and it makes it really hard to get out of sometimes. I really should make dinner, it’s been an absurd amount of time since I last ate (if you can call less than six hours ‘absurd’, but I tend to eat almost continuously on a normal day). I’m so comfy, though, and so tired too. At real risk of falling asleep right here.

19.20: Dinner is in the oven. Chicken nuggets and seasoned potato chunks. Not exactly fine dining, but it’s fast, beige food and easy on the gut – the kind of thing I need after a stressful week at uni. Plus, have you seen the kitchen in my flat? I want to spend as little time in there as possible.

19.40: There is nothing quite like being hangry and then eating a big dinner ’til you’re full. Feeling very fulfilled right now.

21.05: I’ve been milling about on the internet for a while and chatting with friends, but I’ve got work to do before my seminar tomorrow, so I’d best get to it.

23.33: Knackered. I think I’ve done enough – I’ll finish up tomorrow morning. Time to tidy up. Seriously looking forward to a good sleep tonight.

23.40: Tucked up in bed. I think I’ll be out in seconds, so before I go: goodnight. Thanks for sticking with me! It’s been a busy day.


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